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OK so new potential killer theory….

Melissa is a total sketchball right? She also has a reason to hate Ali (she tried to steal Ian). Ian thought that Ali had died from a hit on the head when he threatened Spencer in the church in the finale. He also said “I’m doing this *because* I love Melissa” (protecting her by framing Spencer?).

In my theory, Ian goes back to Jason’s after meeting with Ali. Melissa was spying and saw them together and angrily goes over to the DiLaurentis’ banging on the door and screaming. (no idea where Ali went for a bit, probably to talk to some other random who’s soon going to be implicated). Jason and Ian come out, Jason holding the hockey stick all like “whats going on?”

Ali comes back from wherever she went and has a row with Melissa who’s all like “you bitch” and swipes the hockey stick from Jason, smacks her over the head then fucks off pleased that she knocked out evil Ali.

Jason and Ian are wrecked/stoned and bury her body cos they feel awful, but Jason can’t remember in the morning and Ian is bound to silence by Melissa with the threat of telling everyone that he’s a peadophile.

Something like that.

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